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BBL is Broadband Light, a controlled frequency of high intensity light that sends heat to the skin. It has been studied for its ability to improve skin appearance and encourage the growth of new cells for a more youthful overall look and feel.

BBL therapy involves the use of BBL laser technology to treat the appearance of redness, discoloration, and other perceived cosmetic issues like uneven or rough skin texture, fine wrinkles, age and sun spots, and small blood vessels. While BBL therapy is not a magic blanket cure for all skin conditions, it can help some patients reduce the appearance of fine lines, redness, acne, and more.

Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL is a specific treatment developed by manufacturer Sciton, which uses BBL laser therapy to target the signs of aging and sun damage. Forever Young BBL stimulates skin cells to regenerate collagen and elastin, which can help reduce sun damage, age spots, and more.

Forever Clear BBL

BBL was first cleared by the FDA for dermatological applications, and is remarkably successful at eliminating skin concerns associated with acne. Also manufactured by Sciton, Forever Clear BBL uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and to reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne and acne scars.

Forever Bare BBL

BBL is also approved for hair reduction. If you’ve long been interested in the idea of laser hair removal, Forever Bare BBL by Sciton is an option. Like other BBL applications, controlled flashes of IPL penetrate the skin, damaging the hair and minimizing the potential for regrowth. Forever Bare BBL has a range of applications from backs, shoulders, and legs to facial hair reduction around the lips, chin, and beard.

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